In a Smart Home one can create easily different atmospheres - from romatic to cozy. Different types of luminaires change not just their brightness, but if required even their color with the push of button - thus comfort and efficiency go hand in hand.

Control your LEDs

The LED is the cutting edge technology in lighting. Especially RGB LEDs are not simply efficient, but open new possibilities to set moods in all types of spaces. With ABB's new LED-Dimmer with constant voltage it is now possible to integrate the control of RGB LEDs in your KNX system. Your favorite colors can be preprogrammed and called up instantly. 

Find the right dimmer

Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED. Finding the right dimmer for a given lamp or the other way round had - to a certain extent - always something to do with luck. Find out which dimmer is suitable for which lamp - before making the purchase. Learn more here.



Additional Applications


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