Security and Access

Secure in all respects

ABB's security technology monitors the building and warns of unauthorized entry while looking after the wellbeing of the residents - no matter whether they are at home or anywhere else. 

Smart Door Communication

Our mobile phones let us know if we miss a call. Why should it be different when we miss a person at the front door? ABB's Welcome video station takes three photos of everybody who rings the bell and saves them in case the door is not answered. After returning home you are always aware of who tried to stop by while you were gone - and if you never want to miss anyone at your door again, feel free to answer it from your smart phone - no matter where you are.


Greater flexibility and a better overview with up to 15 external cameras integrated into the ABB-Welcome system. The comprehensive interface allows alternative or supplementary visibility angles to be implemented, because this interface processes the signals from up to 15 analogue channels. In addition, the recorded signals can be transferred to external DVR or TV systems. To record every detail, up to four camera interfaces can be connected to an ABB-Welcome system. Parallel to the new interface, ABB offers three new analogue cameras: one classical video camera, one dome and one mini-dome camera. A further offer: Aside from the pre-configured ABB-Welcome outdoor stations, also customized outdoor stations can be individually combined. Safety has no limits.




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