Midwest Electric Products by ABB

Quality weatherproof electrical equipment

Our Midwest Electric Products line consists of quality and long-lasting weatherproof electrical equipment. With our Midwest product portfolio, we want to provide you with equipment and solutions specialized in commercial and residential construction, outdoor living, recreation and agriculture. 


With Midwest by ABB our main objective is to provide value by offering you reliable electrical equipment that are:

  • Weatherproof: Our products are able withstand weather without sustaining damage or loss of function.
  • Energy efficient: Use less energy to perform the same task.
  • Simple: The installation process is fast, easy and user friendly.
  • Safe: Your safety is our priority. Our products are built with your safety in mind. All Midwest products sold in Canada are either cUL listed or CSA certified and comply with UL, CEC and NEMA standards.

Our offerings in Canada

Midwest Electric Products history

Midwest Electric Products was founded in 1945 by Jack Habinger who started the business manufacturing transformers and remote-control products. Over the years, the business grew and became recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing high quality outdoor to withstand electrical equipment. Jack branded all his products with a distinctive blue duck logo. Today, Midwest Electric Products are still referred to as the “duck” brand.

In 1975, Midwest Electric Products was acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company.

In July 2018, ABB purchased the GE Industrial Solutions business, including Midwest Electric Products.

Fast forward to today, and the legacy of Jack Habinger lives on.

Midwest Electric Products remains an industry leader in the manufacture of top quality weatherproof electrical equipment. The product portfolio is focused on commercial and residential construction, outdoor living, recreation and agriculture.

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