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The ABB Value Provider Program is a global Program for partners working with Process Automation Solutions for the Energy Industries and Process Industries.

The Program is designed to equip you with the expert support, tools, and training to successfully undertake projects with ABB Process Automation Solutions, whether your collaboration with us is long-standing, or you are just taking your first step in joining our Partner network.

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Program tiers

The ABB Value Provider Program has a 3-tier structure that play to our partners’ strengths, capabilities and plans for their business with Process Automation Solutions.

We created a versatile package of benefits spanning from commercial to marketing, technical support, and training, that account for a fully integrated support system to each partner tier, whether Registered Partner, Authorized Partner, or ABB Value Provider – which is the highest Partnership level that can be reached with ABB. The tier-optimized benefit mix seamlessly integrates the tools and systems needed by each partner to push business forward and deliver successful projects using ABB solutions.


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