Freelance Engineering

Freelance Engineering, the engineering tool for the Freelance DCS, is used for off- and on-line configuration of AC 900F, AC 800F, AC 700F and Freelance heritage controllers.

It supports the IEC 61131-3 languages (FBD, IL, LD, SFC, and ST). Through these standardized programming languages and graphical user interface, creation of application programs becomes child's play.

A comprehensive function block library with industry proven and tested functions saves extensive programming and testing effort. When adding a function block for the process station, the associated faceplate is created in the operator level. Your application programs are formally checked for completeness and consistency.

Freelance Engineering has built-in support for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS-DP and device configuration via FDT/DTM and by that it easily supports for built-in Asset Management.

With focus on Engineering Efficiency in the 2019 version we improved all filtering and sorting functionality. Also the auto routing capabilities in the Function Block Diagram editor has been improved. With this new version it is possible to backup / restore the whole project application file including all operator graphic displays, logic programs, and even field device parameters directly via SD Card within the controller (AC 700F and AC 900F).

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Technical Data
  • One single tool for configuration of the automation functions, operator interface and fieldbus parameters
  • Powerful editors according to IEC 61131-3
  • Function block library with more than 220 proven functions
  • Extensive macro library containing more than 200 graphic symbols
  • A project tree for flexible program generation and transparent program structuring
  • Easy verification of automation functions
  • Convenient cross-reference function allowing variables and tags to be found easily
  • Uniform and auto-generated system-wide graphical documentation of the entire user program, system communication and all field device parameters
  • Freelance 2019 runs on Windows 10 and Windows 7
  • Easy backup of the project file

Project Tree
The project tree is the central instrument for managing the entire user program and commissioning. All project configuration data is displayed as a tree structure.

Project data base
All configured signals, variables and tags are managed in the Freelance system as lists in a common project database, which is easy to archive.


Graphical configuration with powerful editors according to IEC 61131-3:

  • Function block diagram (FBD)
  • Instruction List (IL)
  • Ladder diagram (LD)
  • Sequential function chart (SFC)
  • Structured text (ST)

Hardware structure
The required hardware structure can be configured in a graphical system overview and the system communication can also be defined there. It is possible to assign particular Freelance operator stations to specific controllers.
Engineering - HW Structure 1
Furthermore, detailed information can be obtained on the operator and process stations, together with their modules and the controllers with their connected fieldbus lines. In the station overview display, the operator and process stations can be equipped using selection lists. Specifications for processing, display and I/O channel assignment can be made for the individual modules of the controllers. And all this with just a few clicks.

Fieldbus and field device configuration
The respective bus parameters, for instance the baud rate, number of subscribers and time constants, can be set for each fieldbus module.

Freelance Engineering also suggests a setting for the bus parameters in line with how the fieldbus is equipped. Engineering - ProfibusThis makes work easier for those new to the subject. In the configuration view of the fieldbus line, new PROFIBUS slaves can be integrated into the fieldbus line using a GSD-file or FDT technology. Using the template concept, it is also possible to integrate completely pre-configurable PROFIBUS slaves by means of drag and drop.

For detailed information about each function, please see the Freelance 2019 Product Catalog (.pdf, 24.6 MB).
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