Freelance Fieldbus Management Tool

Configuration, parameterization, commissioning and detailed diagnostics is fully integrated in Freelance Engineering. Field device data are also available for operators and maintenance personnel.

The system architecture enables information from the field not only being available within the control system itself, but throughout the plant. Freelance supports users in managing their field devices for efficient maintenance and optimization – helping for instance to make optimum use of plant capacity.

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The configuration features of the Freelance fieldbus engineering are available in both on-line and off-line modes, so that configuration and basic parameter settings can be done before the physical devices become available.
Certified and tested devices is available for PROFIBUS, HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Easy configuration of network structures without the difficulty of manually integrating and testing 3rd party devices.

Navigate through fieldbus topologies in the hardware structure in Freelance Engineering.

Functions for topology design, device configuration, and diagnostics easily accessible in a context menu.

Gain efficiency integrating Freelance Bulk Data Manager

Fieldbus topologies created out of project databases, device lists, signal lists. Existing configurations duplicated and reused.

Parametrize with device specific graphical user interfaces

Simple and intuitive, powered by Device Type Managers (DTMs), General Station Description (GSD) files or Templates, Device Descriptions (DDs) or Capabilities Files (CFF).

Further details are available in Freelance Engineering.
During commissioning, the user programs are loaded into the operator station and controllers. It is also possible to define and activate parameters for field devices and perform system diagnostics right up to the field device. New devices can be added with minimal impact on the running application and field devices.
Automatically generate bus timing and schedule

Device parameters can be displayed and modified individually online.

Tune device parameters from the control room

Reduce the trips to the plant floor and speed up commissioning significantly.

Compare with planned settings

For larger installations, Bulk Data Manager helps to compare parameters with project databases.

See how reliable a signal is, based on field device condition

Status information coming with process values of fieldbus
devices can be displayed on faceplates.

Become aware of anomalous situations immediately

Data can be enriched with diagnostics or alarms & events created on the device to ensure prompt action.

Read detailed diagnostics directly out of the device

It is even possible to give operators access to Device Type Managers (DTMs).

Further details are available in Operator Interfaces Overview
Keep your plant up and running

Information about the availability and degree of wear and tear of your equipment is easily accessible.

Supported fieldbuses

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