PROFIBUS device management in the Freelance DCS

Manage field devices with PROFIBUS within the Freelance environment

PROFIBUS is an international standardized communication protocol for automation technology. The Freelance DCS supports PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA.
  • The controllers AC 700F, AC 800F and AC 900F are connected via communication interfaces to PROFIBUS DP
  • AC 800F or AC 900F support controller redundancy and PROFIBUS line redundancy
  • Infrastructure and network devices for higher availability and better connectivity are available

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Communication interfaces
Device integration
Software Tools
Profibus Masters FI 830F for AC 800F, CI 773F for AC 700F and AC 900F and CI 930F for AC 900F

for field device communication via Profibus.

New: CI 773F for AC 700F and AC 900F

More powerful, supports more Profibus slaves and you can add new slaves without restarting the Master.

New CI 930F for AC 900F

Now supports line redundancy with two standard Profibus plugs.

Integration via GSD file or DTM

GSD files and DTMs are provided by the device manufacturer or ABB. GSD files for S700 I/O are installed with the Freelance installation.

Certified devices

A number of devices from ABB and 3rd-party is tested and certified for Freelance.

S800 I/O and S900 I/O

These DTMs are provided with the Freelance installation.

Integration via Templates

You can create reusable templates based on GSD files to save engineering effort. Templates for S700 I/O are pre-installed.


Continuous monitoring of PROFIBUS devices for preventive and predictive maintenance

Other protocols supported in Freelance

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