Information Management for Freelance DCS

To make the right decisions in today‘s rapid and competitive business environment, you need all the decision support you can get. Freelance provides basic and advanced Information Management functions.

The Freelance DCS comes with a historian included with the basic software license. It is possible to view trends, signal sequence logs and Excel reports, all with the standard Freelance operations software (DigiVis). For most of the applications, this historian function is fully sufficient.

An optional package is available that offers enhanced report and data collection functionality, giving operators a more advanced information management functions.

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Basic Information Mangement
Advanced Information Management

Historical data and long-term archiving is supported with the Freelance basic license:

  • Up to six signals can be recorded in the trend display
  • Individual trend curves can be highlighted
  • A variable time range can be used (e.g. seconds through to weeks)
  • If a trend display is configured with archiving, the measured values are recorded as a cyclical function of the operator station.
  • Easy to backup: The archived values can be backed up on any data medium
  • Security: the original data is binary coded and therefore protected against manipulation
  • The storage period for the recorded data can be set, for instance to one year
  • The recorded data can be automatically archived and saved as an Excel file for further processing and evaluation.
  • High availability can be achieved when using two DigiVis operator stations

For the majority of users, this functionality is fully sufficient. For more advanced historian functionality see Advanced Information Management.

For more advanced, high volume Information Management - a historian for process values based on ABB‘s Decathlon History is available. These data are typically time-stamp value series and event data. The historian receives data from one of more connector nodes in redundant or single configurations.

Key functions:
  • Long-term data storage
  • Redundant server as an option
  • Microsoft Office interface available
  • Alarms and events are also stored
  • Enhanced visualization and reports
It supports as many as 150,000 logs, multi-year storage, and high throughput. A number of preconfigured aggregation calculations are available, including user-defined calculations. Calculations can be applied to raw data to form aggregated data (e.g. minimum, maximum, sum, average, minute, hour, day, year) and KPIs. Special aggregation can be done using a powerful calculation engine. For high availability, the history server can be configured redundantly using redundant data connectors.
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