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System 800xA Health Check to ensure optimal system performance

System performance evaluation to identify underperforming areas, providing corrective and preventive recommendations to enhance and improve system performance and efficiency

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Evaluation Areas
System 800xA Health Check is a detailed and comprehensive inspection and status evaluation of an 800xA system. It is a key service for maintaining high system availability and avoiding disruptions and interruptions in production.


  • Increases control system performance, availability and reliability
  • Minimizes risk of system upsets
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Improves system maintainability
  • Reduces risk of component failures

Evaluation Areas
The following 800xA system areas are inspected and validated against ABB requirements, documents and best practices.

  • Analyzis to ensure the proper software, updates and versions are installed
  • Verification that all hardware is properly configured
  • Domain controllers settings
  • Utilization and status parameters, operating system settings of 800xA nodes
  • Configuration of control system applications
  • General system properties such as server load balancing, alarm handling and antivirus software 
  • Status, policies and procedures for system data and computer nodes backup
  • Hardware installation and environmental risk factors, such as vibration, humidity, temperature,
  • dust and electromagnetic radiation 
  • CPU load, log lists, task execution and more of AC 800M controllers
  • Synchronization of Information Manager and 800xA log configuration aspects

Select diagnostic / monitoring service for 800xA for your needs

System 800xA Benchmark System 800xA Core Fingerprint System 800xA Performance Service (ServicePort) System 800xA Health Check
Key Performance Indicators 40+ 40+ 40+ 80-180
Automatic, non-invasive data gathering
Automatic, non-invasive scheduled data gathering

Automatic cloud-based analysis

Automatic cloud-based analysis reviewed by a System 800xA expert

Automatic local analysis

Analysis performed by a System 800xA expert  

Proactive analysis of system performance

Stoplight report of system performance

Detailed findings report with recommendations    
Detailed findings report with recommendations and historic data      
On-site access to experts  
Remote access to experts    ✓ ✓   
Ongoing analysis of KPIs      ✓  
Daily reports of security status     ✓   
Yearly performance analysis report     ✓   
E-mail notifications when KPIs are outside site-specific thresholds     ✓   
Education in ABB's tools

✓       Included in current service

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