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System 800xA Core Fingerprint for diagnostic analysis of the performance of the control system

Identify possible defects or deficiencies, which could impede the process control system availability, reliability or operational performance

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The System 800xA Core Fingerprint is a follow-up service on the Benchmark. The same KPIs and data is automatically collected for a fully automated analysis of the configuration and performance and compared to system requirements and best practices.

System 800xA Core Fingerprint includes a validation of following items

  • Software installation for fulfillment of installation requirements (ABB software, third party software and security updates)
  • Windows domain diagnostics 
  • Windows components configuration of Server and PC hardware as well as Windows settings and tuning parameters
  • Computer runtime parameters
  • Resources utilization on servers and clients
  • Network parameters and performance of network adapter settings as well as network statistics and performance measurements
  • 800xA Aspect Directory Database parameters such as consistency, replication, size, utilization and license state


  • Sophisticated report simplifies management decision process by focusing on high impact opportunities for improvement
  • Improvement plan provides clear path to quickly closing performance gaps
  • Provides a solid foundation for continuous improvement based on data analysis methodology.

The System 800xA Core Benchmark and Fingerprint Service establish the first steps in achieving improved system performance levels.

Select diagnostic / monitoring service for 800xA for your needs

System 800xA Benchmark System 800xA Core Fingerprint System 800xA Performance Service (ServicePort) System 800xA Health Check
Key Performance Indicators 40+ 40+ 40+ 80-180
Automatic, non-invasive data gathering
Automatic, non-invasive scheduled data gathering

Automatic cloud-based analysis

Automatic cloud-based analysis reviewed by a System 800xA expert

Automatic local analysis

Analysis performed by a System 800xA expert  

Proactive analysis of system performance

Stoplight report of system performance

Detailed findings report with recommendations    
Detailed findings report with recommendations and historic data      
On-site access to experts    ✓
Remote access to experts   ✓   
Ongoing analysis of KPIs      ✓  
Daily reports of security status     ✓   
Yearly performance analysis report     ✓   
E-mail notifications when KPIs are outside site- specific thresholds     ✓   
Education in ABB's tools

✓       Included in current service

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