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Advant Controller 410 for Advant Master DCS

Support and migration of ABB Advant Controller 410 for Advant Master DCS, code compatible with Advant Controller 450.

Advant Controller 410 is a full-function process controller in a minimal hardware configuration. Its wide-ranging control and communication capabilities make it the right choice for medium-sized, but
functionally demanding, applications,either standing alone or as part of larger Advant OCS systems.

Advant Controller 410 can do everything you expect from an industrial process controller and, in all likelihood, a good deal more; it can perform logic, sequence positioning and regulatory control, manage data and text and produce reports. It is programmed graphically in AMPL, as are all other controllers in Advant OCS with Master software. The already rich library of program elements/function blocks can easily be augmented with user-developed blocks created in AMPL.

AC410 life cycle status
AC410  hardware was moved to the Classic life cycle phase in 2008 and then to the Limited phase in 2016. As of now we can continue to deliver spares.

Customers still using AC410 controllers are urged to migrate to newer generations of ABB distributed control systems, the closest step being to Advant Controller 450 where the application code can be preserved to 100% thus avoiding new FAT and commissioning.

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I/O for every task
The range of process I/O modules is complete, covering general-purpose analog and digital inputs and outputs at different ratings, as well as Pt100, thermocouple and pulse inputs. Specialized interfaces are provided for accurate digital positioning, switchgear integration, variable-speed motor
control, telecontrol and communication with other makes of programmable controllers.

There is space in the rack for up to 15 S100 I/O modules, providing capacity for up to 480 process signals, depending on types. The overall I/O capacity, however, can be expanded to as many as 2,500, using distributed I/O stations, communicating with the parent controller over a suitable field bus, e.g. Advant Fieldbus 100.

The communicative controller
Advant Controller 410 supports a wide range of communication protocols, making it easy to design the optimal control system architecture for every application. These
protocols include:

  • DCN and eDCN
  • RS 232
  • MVI
  • Profibus DP

Advant Controller 410 consists of one rack, with space for up to four communication modules and 15 full-size I/O modules. The I/O rack is designed for installation in cabinets equipped with a swing-out frame, permitting access to both the front and back of the rack for ease of installation and maintenance.

The external connections are routed through connection units normally fitted inside, at the back of the cabinet. Cabinets with various protection classes are available, e.g. ventilated, tropical and sealed, with or without heat exchangers. 

Power supply alternatives
Direct (unisolated) 24 V d.c.
D.C., by isolated DC/DC converter 24/48 V d.c.
A.C. (isolated) 120/230 V, 47-63 Hz
Basic capacity and performance
Primary memory 4 or 8 MB
Available for application, approx. 1.4 (5.4) MB
Program execution cycle: Selectable 10ms-2s or 5ms-32s
Basic communication ports
RS 232 for Advant Engineering Workplace 1
RS 232 for printer 1
RS 232 for MasterView 320 1
Total I/O capacity (S100 & S800 I/O)
S100 I/O modules Up to 15
I/O channels Up to 2,500
AI channels (incl. calculated) Up to 900
AO channels (incl. calculated) Up to 900
DI channels (incl. calculated) Up to 2,300
DO channels (incl. calculated) Up to 1,400
Software options
- Advanced arithmetic, regulatory control and support for analog thyristor converters
- Advanced PID control, NOVATUNE
- MasterView 320 support
- Advant Operator Workplace support
- MasterBatch 200/1 support
- User-defined PC elements

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