Advant Controller 410 for Advant Master DCS

Support and evolution for Advant Controller 410

Advant Controller 410 is a full-function process controller in a minimal hardware configuration. Its wide-ranging control and communication capabilities made it the right choice for medium-sized, but functionally demanding applications, either standing alone or as part of larger Advant OCS systems.

Released in 1995, Advant Controller 410 was the result of the development of a common hardware and software platform for evolving the ASEA/ABB MasterPiece 200 controllers while maintaining the support of existing communication and I/O systems. 

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

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