MasterPiece 200 and 200/1 for Advant Master DCS

Migration and support for ABB Asea MasterPiece 200 and 200/1, the first generation controllers from the mid 80's for ABB Asea Master and Advant Master.

In 1984, the MasterPiece 200 controller (MP200) was introduced to the market as a modern, robust state-of-the art controller, ahead of the competition, featuring the MasterBus 200. Functions for analog process control as well as PLC control was handled by one single controller compared to most competition having a DCS for process control and PLC for motor control, valve control as well as for sequencing.

Two years later, the MasterPiece 200/1 controller (MP200/1) was launched, with the most prominent features being redundant CPU, plastic front covers for the boards and Ethernet based MasterBus 300 communication bus. Along with the new controller, the S400 Remote I/O system was introduced, used in a lot of cement and pulp and paper industries where local Motor control centers often where used. This saved a lot of cabling.

After serving customers faithfully for a decade, the MasterPiece 200 and 200/1 was succeeded in 1995 by the Advant Controller family, the next step towards the current AC 800M controller.

ABB maximizes your system investment and provides an evolution path forward for your ABB DCS. This is achieved by designing control systems for continuous evolution and by providing service offerings that extend the life cycle and improve the availability and performance of systems in the ABB portfolio and beyond.

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