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AdvaCommand UNIX Operator Workplace for Advant Master DCS

Migration and support for ABB AdvaCommand, HP Unix based HMI from the 90's for Advant Master DCS, first HMI with information integration capability.

When ABB introduced the Advant Operator Workplace with AdvaCommand for UNIX in 1994, based on HP UNIX workstations, it represented a new approach to supervision and control of industrial processes. 

Not only did it provide the capability to communicate with the process but also with other computers and systems outside the automation system. This information integration capability made it possible to view both administrative data and process control data on the operator workplace.

Advant Operator Workplace can be connected to MasterBus 300 control networks, and communicate with Advant Controller 400 Series as well as with Advant Information Management Workplaces.

Advant Operator Workplace complies with the X Window System and the OSF/Motif® standards, making it possible to access and run applications in other stations throughout the network. For instance, to look up circuit drawings created and stored in an engineering station or view and edit data in product quality and business information systems. 

An Advant Master Operator Workplace includes:

  • Integration with installed Advant Master control network and process I/O through MB300.
  • Set of predefined faceplates and operator dialogues
  • Extensive operator functionality for handling alarm and events, reporting functions, and messenger support
  • Customized operator environment to meet individual user needs
  • Quick, flexible and secure access to relevant displays and information

AdvaCommand for UNIX life cycle status
AdvaCommand moved into the Classic life cycle phase in 2005 , into Limited in 2007 and finally to the Obsolete life cycle phase in 2016.
ABB strongly recommends customers to migrate from AdvaCommand for UNIX to System 800xA for Advant Master which supports all functions.


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