MasterView Operator Workplace for Asea/ABB Master DCS

Migration of ABB Masterview, the first HMI and man-machine communication system from the 80's for ABB Asea Master DCS.

Introduced in 1984, ABB MasterView is a generic name for operator stations and other equipment for man-machine communication in ABB Master. The equipment includes all types of apparatus from digital displays and keypads, over monochrome video terminals, to advanced color-graphic operator stations.

The operator station MasterView 800 is connected to the process stations through the MasterNet communication network. If offers advanced functions for operator communication, such as: 

Presentation of user defined process displays, standard displays, curve displays, reports and various lists.

  • Effective operator dialogue for manual control
  • Alarm and event management and display
  • Longtime storage of historic data for curve displays
  • Self-diagnostics and display of system status
  • Display design "on-line", directly on the screen
  • Quick, flexible and secure access to relevant displays and information

 MasterView 800 came in 3 versions: 

  • MasterView 850 with 3 screens for 1-3 operators
  • MasterView 830 with 2 screens for 1 operator
  • MasterView 810 with 1 screen for 1 operator

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