Symphony® Plus Device Management

Seamless communication of smart device data

Symphony® Plus Engineering Device Management software performs data acquisition, device monitoring, and device maintenance support for PROFIBUS and HART instrumentation. The solution seamlessly leverages the configuration data already present in Composer Field Engineering to provide users with quick access alerts and high priority conditions. Built-in Web-View provides a Device Status Dashboard, as well as an Event Viewer and Device Details page to enable users to take decisive action to increase plant reliability. 

Symphony Plus functionality enables users to access a wide range of intelligent field devices including transmitters, actuators, motor control centers, flame scanners and intelligent electronic devices from both ABB and third-party vendors. Each device’s resident information can then be used in real-time control strategies and higher level applications.

In addition to producing tighter and more reliable process control, these solutions lower installation costs by reducing wiring and system footprint. Along with S+ Operations HMI and S+ Engineering, they provide much greater visibility of plant performance, and enable the integration of operations and maintenance work processes.

Why ABB?

  • Project benefits: Fewer field devices required, reduced field cabling and labor, shorter start-up and commissioning times.
  • Operation benefits: Reduces the likelihood of unexpected shutdowns, improves system reliability, and lowers maintenance costs.

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