What is new in the ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus SPR2023.0 release?

Symphony® Plus SPR 2023.0 embraces digital solutions, paves the road to modernize Harmony networks and control hardware, increases flexibility in deployment and updates 3rd-party components to their latest versions.

  • ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus latest release delivers seamless and secure access to an extended digital ecosystem for innovation via OPC UA communication

  • Plant availability and efficiency are maximized through data available anytime anywhere with HTML5 web-based engineering and mobile operations

  • The new e-Class process controller offers a noninvasive modernization of the installed base bringing increased performance and enabling plant-wide digitalization 

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Accelerating digital transformation

ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus is accelerating digital transformation through a secure OPC UA connection to the Edge and Cloud without disrupting the core.

Symphony® Plus users can now access digital solutions such as fleet asset management enabled by ABB Ability™ Genix Asset Performance Management and ABB Mobile Operations application which enables users to access process and alarm data from their personal devices.

Accessing data anywhere anytime

The mobile workforce can now access critical data from anywhere at any time with HTML5 web-based operation and engineering applications running on the mobile device of choice.

This promotes collaboration between subject matter experts, supervisors and managers resulting in improved uptime and peak performance.

Flexible field device management has also been enabled with ABB Field Information Manager (FIM) that makes the configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of fieldbus instruments easier and quicker than before.

Evolution without obsolescence, innovation with continuity

The new Symphony® Plus SD Series e-Class (SDev) process controller offers a low-risk, low-disruption evolution solution for traditional Harmony Rack (HR) installations.

Fitting in existing Module Mounting Units (MMU), the SDev controller is a Form-Fit-Function replacement for existing rack controllers. It delivers increased speed, higher capacity, and more functionalities to HR systems, delivering innovation with continuity and enabling plant-wide digitalization while minimizing impact to process operations and system infrastructure.

What's improved with SPR 2023.0?

  • Making digital simple – embrace digital solutions in a few steps with the Symphony® Plus Publisher

  • Modernize Harmony networks and control hardware to the latest Symphony Plus Hardware baseline in a seamless supported manner; introduction of new SPC810ev process controller

  • Collaborative engineering environment based on HTML5 technology that allows to search and visualize application logic documents

  • Enabling Remote operations through Pocket Portal operations (enabling write functionality)

  • Connect Electrical equipment and devices through DNP3.0 SA protocol and IEC 61850 Edition 2 support

  • Flexible field device management with Field Information Manager (FIM) integration

  • Cyber security enhancements such as ISA secure certification

  • Provide, manage and store more data with the multi-historian support

  • Lifecycle updates increase reliability and performance with vital system updates

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