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ProBase - System 800xA control engineering library for routing products in tanks and lines

A complete library of ready-made objects: libraries, typicals, and templates for product routing, with recipe-based cleaning in place (CIP), track and trace, preventive plant maintenance, Excel based bulk data tools and more.

Any process automation where products are transported and/or stored or processed in tanks, reactors, filters and pasteurizers and lines like chemical and pharmaceutical plants, tank farms, dairies, breweries, mills, fodder, powder manufacturing plants etc is made easier with ABB's ProBase Library.

Examples of product processing in tank and reactors are agitation, temperature, pressure control etc. Examples of product processing in filters and pasteurizers are filter mass preparation, temperature control, separation etc. ProBase includes template objects for different types of area process units.

ProBase also defines a methodology of how to execute project within the System 800xA platform, i.e. convert the system core functional areas to a complete automation solution. By combining this methodology with template objects for area process units like tanks, reactors, processing lines, project specific library development time can be reduced by 80% and the project specific software requirements by 60%, thus minimizing the cost of developing a batch automation solution while maximizing plant operability.

The System 800xA standard bulk data tools and the tailored ProBase bulk data tools further increase engineering efficiency. The use of the ProBase Library provides efficient commissioning and maintenance due to transparency, granularity and diagnostics. ProBase provides a streamlined environment for reliable control via a dynamic, easy-to-use interface that gives operators access to the whole plant and different layers of information. This can improve your operator effectiveness by 25%.

ProBase Library shows the most benefits using it for System 800xA engineering, but can be used with Compact Control Builder as well.

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Benefits of ProBase Library

Assurance and Corporate Citizenship

The ProBase Library objects are developed under stringent quality assurance standards, tested and encapsulated to ensure functional integrity. This can greatly reduce project testing and compliance documentation. The objects fulfill the standard requirements for different industries, like 21 CFR Part 11, but can be further developed according to industry or project specific requirements.

Risk Management

ABB maintains the ProBase Library and minimizes risk by ensuring future migration and upgrade path. It enables modifications and enhancements to be made as your plant requirements develop over time, logically and consistently. Remote support and service is simplified which minimizes risks to plant production.

Operational Profitability

The functionality for product transfer, called routing, includes all functionalities for alarm handling and alarm propagation between different units, queue handling for online production changes, activation and supervision of process objects (valves, motors etc.), interlocks and transfer of product and equipment settings like product codes, unit names and unit states.


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