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ABB Ability™ Genix APM

From condition monitoring & predictive maintenance to next generation asset performance management enhanced with ML

ABB Ability™ Genix APM:  A new suite  |  Get a demo  |  Use cases  |  Asset models  |  Related services  |  FAQs  |  Downloads 

If you are looking to digitalize and future-proof asset performance management (APM) :

  • Start monitoring the health of your assets to prioritize maintenance based on data
  • Capture and codify experts' knowledge to increase outcomes from the predictive maintenance
  • Adopt an advanced, cross-functional APM program to continuously improve practices
  • Find opportunities for optimum investment planning
With Genix APM, you will gain a holistic view, tactical and strategic foresight across specific equipment types, process areas, plant and enterprise, tightening control over disparate assets, systems and workflows. This will empower various functions to collaborate and continuously optimize your overall performance because they will discover the previously hidden inter-dependencies.

Press release

A new suite for Asset Performance Management

Operators and maintenance engineers

Reliability, maintenance, SME, data scientists

Maintenance, operations, reliability managers

Reliability, integrity, operations, maintenance

Start prioritizing maintenance
activities based on data

OT data / sensors
Pre-built models for known failure modes

Capture and codify experts'
knowledge to increase outcomes

OT/IT/ET contextualized data + AI/ML

Self-service sandbox, configurable algorithms

Adopt an advanced, cross-functional
APM program to change practices

OT/IT/ET contextualized data
+ KPIs
Pre-built performance models, templates

Find opportunities for optimum
investment planning

Design, operational, maintenance, integrity history

Pre-defined damage mechanisms, CAPEX profiling

Digitalizing asset management in the context of the whole organization's optimization means:

Get answers, reveal the invisible

Early detection of faults and energy waste, prevention of downtime

Minimized exposure to hazards, simplified knowledge transfer

Optimal asset performance ensuring quality, quantity, consistent output

Profitability, no unnecessary service or replacement of healthy equipment

Why ABB?

Tight integration of business, operational, maintenance and engineering process - being the leader in automation of various processes, plant behaviors and data flows across all industries we know how to securely bring together the variety of current and legacy equipment, systems and diverse data sources across the plant and enterprise (not just a single portion of a plant)
Over 120 pre-built asset models (and growing), impactful use cases for every industry - Genix APM leverages  ABB’s extensive library of proven asset models and maintenance-oriented algorithms that have been successfully used in predictive maintenance programs across process industries with earlier plant-wide asset management solutions like Asset Vista, Asset Insights, etc.
A track record of delivering value at scale, commitment to safety and sustainability - ABB has a rare combination of deep domain knowledge, data science skills and ingenuity acquired through years of supporting critical systems, learning and collaborating with various functions and specialized vendors. We master both small and large-scale value engineering, forming true partner relationships, providing regular updates and advanced services so that software users in any part of the world continue to reach their goals
Open and agnostic to the equipment data and other sources analyzed - with no bias, customers have a fair and objective view of asset performance and get a possibility to combine Genix APM with other digital solutions and services for operational excellence, process performance, safety and sustainability, supply chain optimization and cyber security

Genix APM use cases

Genix APM Predict

For operators and maintenance engineers

Adding Condition Monitoring on the Edge into existing control system landscape becomes easier

thanks to broad - vendor agnostic - connectivity options and pre-built asset models for a wide range of electrical, rotating and process equipment.

Start prioritizing maintenance activities based on data

warned by near real-time asset condition notifications and recommendations from the Maintenance Workplace app. Scale as you get value.

Zoom in and zoom out

to better understand specific equipment, area, site or fleet of assets, configuring own dashboard interface to fit your role and guide your actions.
An evolution of ABB's former plant-wide condition monitoring solutions such as AssetInsight, Asset Vista

Example of asset condition monitoring for electrical assets at a bioproduct mill

Results achieved with deterministic rule-based models.
The bigger the project scale, the greater the value of the solution will be, also leveraging machine learning and outcome-based business models.

Two 4h electrical failures prevented per year
2 x 4h x 94k$/h = 

752 KUSD


Maintenance cost
reduced by scheduling interventions
based on asset condition

58 KUSD / year


Extended equipment life
additional savings thanks to replacing
equipment at the right time



Genix APM Predict 360

For reliability, integrity, maintenance professionals, SME & data scientists

Testing, training and deploying of predictive and prescriptive models becomes collaborative

by providing access to configurable asset model library with pre-built dominant failure modes, self-service sandbox for rule-based or AI/ML algorithms, and asset fault monitoring tools with recommendations.

Capture and codify the knowledge of experts to increase the outcomes of predictive maintenance programs

thanks to a professional workspace with events management, visualization, recommendations - improving "how things work" expertise over time.

Zoom in and zoom out

to fine-tune advanced algorithms, experiment - for earlier, more accurate predictions and recommendations leading to increased uptime and savings.

Example of predictive maintenance program in mining

Results achieved with rule-based maintenance-oriented algorithms for asset monitoring.
Expect bigger gains with Genix APM, when integrating more data sources and applying more advanced ML models continuously fine-tuned by cross-functional teams.

Predictive notifications
  42 early warnings within 60 days triggering 88 maintenance work orders to solve issues

>6'000 assets

 program has been extended to connect 12'000 assets

Estimated savings
846 man-hours
savings in spare parts and other material costs



Prevented losses
If no actions were taken,  would have been missing due to loss of production

4.6M tons of ore / 276 MUSD


Genix APM Perform 360

For maintenance, operations managers and reliability engineers

A holistic view of asset performance, health, maintenance & lifecycle cost becomes possible

by combining sensor data with CMMS, PLM, derived or predicted parameters, contextualizing all data sources with pre-configured performance models, KPIs.

Adopt an advanced asset management program

thanks to asset 360° actionable insights, notifications and recommendations for better practices, compliance, lifecycle costing, reliability measures.

Zoom in and zoom out

to analyze metrics important for your function, identify trends, drill down to specific details, further parametrize asset templates to answer your questions.

Example of a global maintenance process re-organization across 26 hydropower sites

Results achieved with deterministic rule-based predictive analytics.
Expect bigger gains with Genix APM, when integrating more data sources and applying machine learning models - which are dynamic and constantly evolving.

Early notifications
Providing warning of critical failures
and health diagnostics for 

>600 assets


Hydro specific performance  and efficiency KPIs,
Increased generation capability up to 



Maintenance cost
Assistance for more informed decisions
resulting in fleet maintenance savings up to 



Genix APM Assess 360

For reliability, integrity, operations, maintenance managers

Software-based support tool makes asset life assessments more reliable and dynamic

thanks to pre-defined damage mechanisms & associated failure scenarios, CAPEX profiling, manual data capture for integrity tracking.

Find opportunities for optimum investment planning

by analyzing design history, operational and maintenance history, to generate a plan for asset replacement or life extension.

Zoom in and zoom out

for qualitative risk analysis of failure scenarios against different risk categories.

Example of an asset life assessment study in chemical industry

Extended operations
Identified equipment that can be
fit for purpose until



Reduced OPEX, optimized CAPEX
 improved understanding of ageing asset
condition and strategy planning

<1 year payback


Reduced HSE incidents & downtime
addressing asset condition, reliability, obsolescence, maintainability using Remote Insights app

AR technology


Examples of available models to start with

Based on your assets' criticality level, the percentage that are already instrumented, and known bad actors. The number of pre-built models is constantly growing, together with the new impactful predictive analytics use cases for every industry

Static Rotary
 Electrical  Instruments & Devices
Heat Exchanger
Fired heater
Pressure safety valve
Pressure vessel
Storage tank
Centrifugal compressor
Centrifugal pump
Rotary pump
Gear box
Radial blower
Roller bearings
Mounted bearings
Turbine - gas
Turbine - steam
Electric generator
Circuit breaker
Control system
Control valve
On-off valve
(pressure, temp, flow)

Related advanced digital services

Consulting, predictive maintenance, performance optimization, remote assistance services by industry

Genix APM - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can this work if DCS and assets are not from ABB?

Yes, it is possible. Genix APM is DCS agnostic. Though we have a better integration with ABB control systems (800xA, S+), any 3rd party DCS systems can be integrated into Genix APM using OPC UA or other southbound protocols.

Any Assets can be monitored through Genix APM.

Q2. Will the instrumentation asset information be taken via DCS?

Instrumentation assets don't need to be connected through the DCS system. Instrumentation assets can be
1) connected through Field Information Manager  or
2) directly connected to IoT platform such as ABB Ability™ Genix.

To avoid loading the DCS system, it is recommended to only route instruments to DCS which are needed for plant DCS. The rest can be brought through the Edge.

Q3. What will happen to the condition monitoring solution from ABB that we installed earlier?

Genix APM Predict is an evolution of ABB’s earlier plant-wide condition-monitoring solutions like Asset Vista and Asset Insights. Genix APM Predict is based on the extensive library of proven asset models and maintenance-oriented algorithms from Asset Vista, that have been successfully used in predictive maintenance programs across process industries. These powerful Asset Vista models for known failure modes will continue to be supported and further improved.

By upgrading Asset Vista application to Genix APM Predict, you'll get broader, vendor-agnostic connectivity options and better user experience (UX ) with more intuitive design. There are more extensive analytics libraries to make use of. Dashboard set-up and modifications become much easier to configure.

Q4. Which deployment options and cyber security measures are supported?

Genix APM applications support all the deployment variants needed: on premise, on ABB managed or customer manages cloud, on customer private cloud / data center. You own your data. We ensure defence in depth cyber security, data protection, reliability, privacy, intellectual property.

The Cyber Security Reference Architecture is an ABB-developed design standard for industrial systems and associated security controls. ABB engineering teams use the architecture during system deployments, and ABB service units use it to update and modernize existing customer networks to bring them in line with current cyber security standards and best practices.

ABB’s security measures in the Reference Architecture meet or exceed IEC 62443-3-3 security level 2 (SL2) as defined in foundational requirement section 5 (RE5). It also aligns with other common standards such as the NIST framework, ISO 27001 and NERC-CIP. Implementing the reference architecture does not guarantee passage of external certification audits; however, ABB can support compliance for specific security standards with additional recommendations.

Q5. Does Genix APM comply with FMEA / FMECA ?

Yes. All logics / algorithm outcomes are built based on the FMEA / FMECA principles.
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