ABB Motion series of webinars for HVACR

Check out the series of 6 webinars held throughout July - October 2020.

Our global HVACR industry experts will share with you the latest updates on the following topics:

- Improving data center cooling efficiency with VSDs

- Managing your specifications for HVACR projects

- Efficient pumping in HVACR

- Power quality improvement in buildings

- VSDs for reliable and efficient tunnel ventilation

- Updated requirements for electrical noise in buildings

We are looking forward to your interest!

Improved occupant comfort and reliable, energy efficient HVACR operation

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Check out our bonus webinar!

From the webinar you will learn:
- Motor efficiencies for different motor technologies
- What is FASR (Ferrite Assisted Synchronous Reluctance) technology
- Comparison of FASR versus PM and EC motors (advantages)
- IEC Design considerations for implementation of FASR
- Lab and real world testing data, partial load efficiency focus
- Fan design impact on wire to air efficiency

- EC Titanium integrated motor drive
- Achieve the next level of energy efficiency
- ABB’s new Baldor-Reliance® EC Titanium™ for pump, fan and compressed air systems

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