Tackling costly cavitation challenges with the anti-cavitation solution in ABB drives

Cavitation causes damage to pump and pumping systems which increases maintenance costs. It can also destroy the product, resulting in lost revenue. In industries such as food and beverage and water treatment pumps are used to move liquids from one point to another.

Cavitation can occur when the inlet pressure of the liquid to the pump is low. This can be due to low level of liquid in a tank or a pipe with an almost closed valve that supplies the liquid to the pumping system. Cavitation is the formation and subsequent collapse of vapor bubbles inside the liquid sending shockwaves through the pump and pipes. The implosion of a bubble leads to surface erosion of pump impellers, pump housing and pipes.

In dairies and other beverage production facilities, cavitation lowers the quality of the product, such as milk, which can increase costs. Cavitation is destructive for centrifugal pumps.

The innovative anti-cavitation solution in ABB drives

ABB has solved the challenge of cavitation with the innovative anti-cavitation feature found in ACQ580 water and wastewater drives, ACS580 general machinery drives and ACS880 industrial drives. The ABB anti-cavitation feature is accurate and cost effective as it does not require external sensors to be connected to the drive. In addition, ABB drives offer a range of additional features and benefits for ensuring reliable and energy efficient pumping and operation.

To find out more how the anti-cavitation feature can benefit your pumping needs please see the videos and visit our websites.

ABB drives offering anti-cavitation solutions

Cavitation detection and control for industries

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