Efficiency solutions for the water and wastewater industry

Extended drive life, fewer unplanned shutdowns, reduced costs and energy saved

Water and wastewater processes must be efficient and reliable. Your drive and motor assets are aging all the time, and without adequate servicing, the useful life of your assets will be reduced, impacting your planned investment programs and increasing the risk of fines due to equipment failures at critical times.

Whether you need to ensure the asset efficiency of your drives in desalination or irrigation plants, pumping stations, municipal freshwater and wastewater treatment plants, or water and wastewater networks, we have a full portfolio of services to support you, including upgrades, retrofits and modernization of your aging critical drive assets. With our global service network, we can also tailor service solutions to meet your particular needs.


  • Control upgrades for MV drives, also available for drives from other manufacturers
  • LV multidrive retrofit, including FAST retrofit solution
  • Flexible communication and connectivity options
  • Remote monitoring and control options
  • Wide global availability
  • Global service network

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