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Low- and medium-voltage drives or large multidrive systems are critical to your processes’ efficient operation. Ensuring your assets are available and reliable, demands good maintenance. Additionally, there are growing pressures to improve the energy efficiency of motor applications from both an environmental and cost saving point of view.

Specific needs require specific solutions. All our experience combined with research and development in the area of asset efficiency has resulted in Tailored Solutions and Services.  By listening to you we’ll tailor our solutions to correspond to your application and business needs.


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1. Ensuring assets efficiency
2. Improving energy efficiency
3. Tailoring an engineering solution
Asset efficiency is a function of the reliability, availability and maintainability of your equipment. These core requirements are essential for the optimum performance of the low and medium voltage drives or large multidrive systems on which your processes depend.

We can enhance performance of your drives systems and increase its operational reliability by providing upgrades and retrofits.
With our Energy Efficiency services we are able to analyze the energy savings potential in your business. This helps you make the right choice either for new drives that are designed to run your motors based on your processes current demands, or for modernization solutions of ageing drives systems. Either way, the result is better energy efficiency in your processes, giving you both lower energy costs and a reduced CO2 footprint.
If you are looking to upgrade or modernize your drive system, but none of standard solutions exactly meet your needs, we will design and deliver engineering solutions to address your specific application and business requirements. We have wide expertise in a variety of industries like Marine, Metals, Power, Oil and Gas, Automotive and many others.

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