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ABB leading the future of smart buildings

ABB is the headline partner of the 2019 Tallinn Architecture Biennale

ABB, one of the world’s leading technology firms, is sharing its vision of the future and strengthening its cooperation with architectural specialists.

ABB has operated for more than 25 years in Estonia, offering pioneering hardware and technology that are well-recognized for their innovative and reliable nature.

Today, ABB is an international trend-setter when it comes to creating a smart and environmentally friendly living environment. Working globally in over 100 countries, ABB has gathered a large swath of invaluable experience. Unsurprisingly, ABB solutions have also drawn the attention and support of many architects.

Contemporary design and realization of a living environment – be it urban space in a broad sense, or a residential, commercial, or public building in a more specific sense – is founded on the same set of core values: practicality, security, and ease of use.

ABB’s offered solutions successfully demonstrate these values. Whether it is building automation, energy efficiency, heating, climate control and ventilation equipment service, temperature and humidity control, security and access systems, lighting, or electrical and automation equipment, ABB has a comprehensive solution available. Our experts are ready to share our knowledge and experience with the other experts, architects. As the headline partner of the 2019 Tallinn Architecture Biennale, ABB has the great honour of being able to cooperate with the best in the field.

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