The global construction industry still mainly uses diesel-powered construction vehicles such as excavators, cranes and dozers that are estimated to collectively emit around 400 Mt of CO₂ per year. That amount accounts for approximately 1.1% of global CO₂ emissions. Of these construction vehicles, excavators over 10-tonnes in weight are responsible for close to a staggering 46% of those emissions.

In addition to CO₂ emissions, diesel-powered vehicles also emit other harmful gasses and particulates that are harmful to the populations where these vehicles operate.

It is not just carbon emissions and harmful gases that are particularly challenging for the construction industry. Increasing governmental regulations, noisy work environments in urban areas, low energy efficiency, and wasted heat are proving to be mounting obstacles for owners & operators.

ABB has been a pioneer in developing electric powertrains for construction vehicles to overcome many of these challenges.



 Reduced emissions

With many large construction sites based in cities and built-up areas, reducing the overall emissions will help clean the air and improve the safety and health of residents as well as the environment in which the construction is taking place


Safer working environments

By moving away from diesel powered vehicles to electric powered, the noise on site will be dramatically reduced as will the pollutants in the vicinity – not only CO2 but also nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

pictogram_low total cost of ownership

  Reduced costs

The cost of fuel is increasing. By switching away from diesel powered vehicles, the cost savings could be significant. In addition, electric powered vehicles have less mechanical wear and tear and less moving parts therefore the service and maintenance costs are reduced.

pictogram_low total cost of ownership

 Higher efficiency and lower         maintenance

Due to their high efficiency and fewer moving parts, electricity-powered construction vehicles and machines have a lower operating cost compared to diesel vehicles. Maintenance is generally lower for electric vehicles.


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