Batch automation

The majority of primary life sciences manufacturing is batch-based. Flexible recipe design is essential for maximum utilization of all available equipment in the production cell.

ABB’s smart batch application design and user-friendly batch control system allows error-free operation, reduces rejected batches, decreases batch to batch quality variation and maximizes asset utilization. Ease of engineering in the batch control system enables continuous improvement and the quick introduction of new products.

Productivity advantages of our powerful, yet flexible batch management are:

  • Increased conformance to specification
  • Reduced production downtime
  • Increased process throughput and process yields
  • Reduced batch cycle time
  • Improved batch repeatability
  • Reduced project start-up time
  • Reduced development and implementation costs
  • Simplified batch-to-batch comparison (repeating the "golden batch")
  • Powerful, yet flexible production management

Benefits through industry standardization

Developed to ISA S88 and IEC 61512 standards giving you the option of using the strict ISA S88.01 procedure levels.

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