Process automation

ABB System 800xA Extended Automation is the core of our offering for life science industries. System 800xA Extended Automation provides a single platform for batch production, building management and environment monitoring with complete visibility of all production and process information and batch reports. This enables the best possible quantity and yield.

System 800xA has successfully proven suites of application software for:

  • Process automation
  • Building management/environmental monitoring
  • Integrated batch reports

It successfully meets all the challenges of fully automatic batch control. It provides a fully flexible and scalable system that features complete operator visualization, electronic batch reporting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and process analytical technology (PAT) integration. It therefore ensures the most effective operation and use of equipment and energy.

The integrated portfolio of products, systems and enables compliance with industry standards and regulations for:

  • DCS automation solution from small scale R&D up to a production scale
  • Batch automation and recipe management
  • Electronic batch recording and data reporting
  • Fieldbus technology for in-process measurements (Profibus, FF, Hart, Wireless, Profinet)
  • Building automation
  • Process and lab analytical devices
  • Process, analytical and chemometric integration for real-time test and release
  • Quality-by-design and process analytical technology (PAT)-ready solutions for production optimization and cycle-time reduction (dryers, solvent recovery, reaction monitoring)
  • Instrumentation
  • Process automation systems for monitoring microorganism growth
  • Energy efficiency and approaches for plant consumption optimization

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