Integration with skid-based PLC systems

The 800xA Extended Automation system supports seamless integration with skid built units, not directly controlled by System 800xA, and integrates these units with System 800xA controlled units, thus providing the end users with all the benefits of fully automatic and synchronized batch control with reduced operator errors and single batch reports.

System 800xA Extended Automation system provides an ideal integration platform for the following:

  • CIP skids
  • Chromatography skids
  • Buffer stations
  • Sensors, instrumentations, analytical devices for in-process quality measurement
  • Manufacturing execution systems and collaborative solutions
  • Biological control solution for sterile filling line/machinery under cGMP Annex 1
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) solutions for production line monitoring
  • Track and trace workflow management software
  • Electronic batch record (EBR) systems
  • Quality-by-design and PAT-ready solutions for tableting, uniformity contents and reaction monitoring

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