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ABB control and protection low voltage products are IE3 ready. Our motor control solutions for high-efficiency motors can save you significant panel space.

As of January 1, 2015, the Energy-related Products (ErP) directive went into effect for IE3 high-efficiency motors with rated power between 7.5 and 375 kW.  This requires manufacturers to upgrade motor designs or the addition of a variable speed drive.  

ABB has been offering IE3 motors for quite some time and have now also started to promote the even more efficient IE4 motors, leading the way towards even higher energy savings. Modern motors reach higher efficiency thanks to innovative design features. During the starting phase of the motors there may be an increase of inrush and starting current, which may affect the selection of the starter components as well as the short circuit protection device. And even if the typical starting current can be roughly 25% higher than before, ABB is still able to offer users of high-efficiency motors cost efficient starter solutions with significant small footprints. 

Motor protection

Motor protection is a common application for in low voltage installations. Safety and reliability of solution are important aspects that must be considered when choosing and manufacturing a system for starting and monitoring motors. Start-up is a particularly critical phase for the motor itself and for the installation powering it. When it comes to direct starting, ABB proposes two different solutions. All ABB low voltage equipment is suitable to be used with IE3 motors.

Customer friendly online selection tool

ABB provides coordination tables for the selection of low voltage equipment specifically designed for starting and protecting IE2 and IE3 motors. Product selection for different types of starting methods are available, like direct-on-line, star-delta and softstarter.

In particular, ABB offers softstarters as an effective way for reducing the impact of the higher starting currents while allowing the use of smaller contactors and short circuit protection devices.

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