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Space saving components with worldwide certifications and an extensive global service network

Whether we speak about our largest products or the smaller ones, at ABB space saving is always in our minds. Space means money and we want to help our customers to grow profitably. Our engineers focus their time on design improvements to squeeze products dimensions or to create new products that manage more functions and allow you to reduce the number of components. We continuously look for ways to integrate products or use new materials to deliver more value in a smaller space. Furthermore, ABB products can help you to keep your business moving 24 hours a day, all around the world. Whether it is through ensuring reliable products or developing products that can be safely maintained while operating or monitoring potential faults, ABB wants to help its customers to optimize the efficiency of their operations, granting certifications for the major Standards around the world. To reduce unplanned maintenance costs and guarantee expected lifespan of a photovoltaic plant, our extensive global service network provides:

  • training
  • on-site preventive maintenance
  • remote monitoring
  • upgrades of installed base
  • spare parts availability anytime and anywhere
  • replacements
  • recycling in compliance with environmental regulation

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