Extend your Smart Home with Integrations & Addons

Transforming a space into a smart place has never been easier or more versatile than with ABB-free@home®'s array of integrations and add-ons. Collaborating with industry leaders, ABB extends the boundaries of what a smart home can achieve, enhancing convenience and comfort with every integration.

Imagine seamlessly connecting lighting, sound systems, temperature control, and more to your ABB-free@home® system. This isn't just about adding devices; it's about expanding the potential of a smart home both now and in the future.

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EV Charging

eV charging



Energy Management

Modern home








Voice Control




A wide spectrum of lighting options, ranging from traditional light bulbs to strips and various fixtures such as floor, wall, and ceiling lamps, are seamlessly managed. They can be controlled comprehensively: arranged in scenes, grouped together, or adjusted across the entire RGBW color spectrum.

Additionally, they can be programmed to respond to the time of day or specific triggers using "when-then" logic. All of this can be achieved without the need for an additional gateway, simply through cloud-to-cloud connectivity on the System Access Point from ABB-free@home®.

Philips Hue

You want to make sure you can adapt to everyday situations or for those very special moments in life: set automatic scenes with the right brightness and color shade to suit the mood!

ABB’s latest range of Friends of Hue smart light switches integrate seamlessly with the Philips® Hue lighting system. Convenient and quick to set up and manage with no need for additional gateways. 



Your beats, smartly controlled

Never has the enjoyment of music been so comfortable in all rooms. Because the Sonos wireless home sound system harmonizes perfectly with ABB-free@home®.

All Sonos loudspeakers can be easily operated fully integrated: via free@home wall sensors and touch panels or via ABB-free@home® app. The replay of music, the selection of your Sonos favorites or the volume control are simplicity itself.


simply sounds good

Music enhances the ambiance, and Sonoro plays a central role in creating the perfect atmosphere. These stylish appliances integrate into any interior design, effortlessly merging aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. With no need for additional cables, these devices seamlessly connect to ABB-free@home® via an add-on. Using a rocker switch in the chosen switch design, or through the ABB-free@home® Next App on your smartphone, you can easily adjust the track and volume to your preference. 



fireplaces without wood 

Innovatively devoid of fossil fuels, the Faber fireplace offers unparalleled comfort without combustion. The three-dimensional flame projection captivates with its lifelike realism, evoking a cozy ambiance. Powered by groundbreaking technology known as e-MatriX, this virtual fire is ingeniously generated using water.

Seamlessly integrated within ABB-free@home®, it can be controlled via the system access point and a switching actuator, ensuring effortless operation, and making you feel right at home. 


CoolAutomation presents an innovative solution for HVAC control, integrating with ABB-free@home over IP. Available for specific projects, it offers a straightforward commissioning process for universal VRF integration, accommodating all VRF manufacturers. With plug-and-play functionality, on-site integration becomes effortless, complemented by auto-discovery of connected indoor units and full two-way communication.

For residential applications, CoolAutomation solution supports up to 32 indoor units, with a pro version available for commercial use handling up to 255 indoor units (brand dependent). Simplify your HVAC management and enhance efficiency with ABB-free@home and CoolAutomation.


Discover the seamless integration of Velux skylights into your home with our cutting-edge addon for the ABB-free@home system. As the leading provider of Roofing Window solutions in Europe, Velux offers unparalleled quality and innovation. With this addon, users can effortlessly control Velux skylights through the free@home system, optimizing light, ventilation, and energy efficiency. Motorized functions allow for easy opening, shading, or darkening, all powered by solar energy and wireless communication for convenient retrofit installations. Utilize the Velux KLF200 Ethernet connected Gateway to enhance control capabilities. Enjoy benefits like time-controlled shading, temperature and air quality regulation, and weather sensor responsiveness. Manage it all effortlessly via app or panels, ensuring your space is always comfortable and efficient.

Motion Blinds

motion blinds without a cable

Roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and pleated blinds from Coulisse contribute to a sense of comfort, offering precise shading and enhancing the ambiance with their versatile designs. Powered by ABB-free@home® sensor technology, the MotionBlinds can be conveniently controlled wirelessly through their Wifi bridge and the system access point. Ideal for retrofitting and renovation projects, these blinds operate without the need for power cables, thanks to their battery-powered drives. 


Home Connect

Home Connect brings seamless integration of networked appliances from top brands like Bosch, Siemens, and Neff into your smart home ecosystem. Effortlessly link your Home Connect-enabled devices to your ABB-free@home® setup through the mybuildings portal. Your smart home experience is enhanced with the addition of a wide range of appliances, from ovens, stoves, and extractor hoods to dishwashers, refrigerators, and laundry solutions, as well as fully automatic coffee machines and robotic vacuum cleaners.


Elevate your home to new heights of intelligence and convenience with the integration of Miele’s smart household appliances into your ABB-free@home® system. Harness the full potential of Miele@home functionality to enrich your daily life with unparalleled efficiency and holistic home networking.

Integrate your Miele appliances into scenes. For example, you can create an “all-off” switch to turn off all appliances when leaving home. Experience the future of home management today, as Miele smart appliances offer convenient and secure networking, ensuring that your smart home operates in perfect harmony. 

EV Charging

EV Chargers

The integration of EV chargers with the free@home NEXT app offers a range of benefits for users. Once the wallbox is successfully coupled, it can be managed and incorporated into actions via the ABBfree@home® app. This includes basic functions such as activating and deactivating charging, displaying the connection status to the vehicle, limiting the charging current, and activating or deactivating free charging. 

Integration with free@home provides a convenient and efficient way to manage and control EV charging at home.  For example, the respective apps of manufacturers in connection with ABB-free@home® may allow users to create scenarios where activating charging can trigger other actions, like turning off garden lights. 

Energy Management

Meters Reader

The Meters reader Addon enhances home automation by providing real-time energy consumption data. The integration supports various meters: eHz with a USB IR adapter, P1 with a USB/P1 Adapter, and Modbus TCP and RTU meters with a USB Modbus adapter. Configuring these meters involves connecting the appropriate adapter to the SysAP and following a few straightforward steps. Once configured in ABB-free@home, meter data is accessible in the app's user interface for instant values. When an electric vehicle (EV) charger is included in the installation and the EV Charger Addon is also installed, the two addons combined enable the PV-optimized charging modes, known as the Max Solar function, for optimized charging based on solar production. Storing and viewing historical data requires a separate addon installation.  



ABB-free@home® can be easily integrated into Samsung's SmartThings platform, allowing control through the SmartThings app, Samsung Smart TV, and Family Hub devices. Saving time on chores, reducing energy bills, and enjoying customized scenes are just some of the many conveniences provided by centrally integrated smart home functions, devices, appliances, PV, EV charging, and energy management.  The integration of ABB-free@home® into Samsung's SmartThings platform allows for seamless control and management of smart home devices from different brands through a single user interface.

Matter Bridge

The ABB-free@home system includes a Matter Bridge Add-on which brings a host of benefits to users. The Matter Protocol, designed around interoperability and platform independence, makes it easy to securely control your smart home devices from any platform you choose.

This means the ABB-free@home devices can be exposed to the Matter universe and controlled via popular Apps like Apple Home, SmartThings, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Connect more, do more

Tired of having to use multiple apps to control your smart devices? Or having to wonder every time whether the new device you’re interested in is compatible with the ones you already own?

Voice Control

Control your way

ABB-free@home® users can control lighting, blinds, heating and scenes easily by integrated voice control. The start into the day gets better and better when "Alexa, select the good morning scene" and the coffee machine switches itself on – as if by magic.

Check up that your beloved ones are ok, make sure medications reminders are on even when you're busy at work, ease elderly's everyday household tasks or simply get an alert if something wrong is detected. 

Integrations & Addons

ABB-free@home® users can integrate major brand solutions into their free@home system and use them like any native device: complete interaction is possible, e.g. control, status, scene creation (switch turn off), usage within conditions or actions.

Connected devices can appear with dedicated icons in the ABB-free@home Next app library.

An add-on is an app/software module that can be selected and installed in the System Access Point configuration interface under "Extensions" and are simply a technical way of integrating 3rd party solutions, together with the existing cloud and local APIs.



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Discover all extensions from the ABB-free@home® Next app library.

Coming Soon

ABB Smart Lock

Experience the future of home security with ABB’s smart door lock Add-on to ABB-free@home®. This state-of-the-art product is designed to meet the new EU/CH profile, ensuring compliance with the latest standards. The smart door lock supports doors with integrated drill and withdrawal protection, providing an extra layer of security for your home. With the free@home Next APP and web interface, you can manage and unlock your door remotely, giving you peace of mind wherever you are. The system is easy to set up, requiring only the RF/IP Gateway and Smart Locks.

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