Galvanised steel core - Low Fire Hazard jacket

  • Flame dies in less than 30 seconds after ignition source is removed
  • Temperature range - Static applications: -20ºC to +90ºC
    Temperature range - Dynamic applications: -5ºC to +105ºC
  • Up to IP65 rating (with appropriate fitting)
  • Medium flexibility and fatigue life

Typical applications

  • General OEM Machinery
  • Lighting / Cable Track
  • Under-floor wiring, access flooring


  • BSI Kitemark KM-90009
  • CE Mark to the Low Voltage Directive
  • EN45545-2 HL3
  • NFF16-101 I1 F1
  • LUL 1-085
  • BS6853 Class 1A
Parts list
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Part No. Nominal Conduit Size US
Conduit Size
Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Coil Length
KEBT01* 10mm 1/4” 10.3mm 7.0mm 10/30m
KEBT02* 12mm 5/16” 13.8mm 10.0mm 10/30m
KEBT03* 16mm 3/8” 17.1mm 12.9mm 10/30m
KEBT04* 20mm 1/2” 21.2mm 17.0mm 10/20m
KEBT05* 25mm 3/4” 25.7mm 21.1mm 10/30m
KEBT06* 32mm 1” 33.0mm 28.4mm 10/30m
KEBT07* 40mm 1 1/4” 41.1mm 36.4mm 10/20m
KEBT09* 50mm 1 1/2” 54.9mm 48.2mm 10/30m
KEBT09* 63mm 2” 64.5mm 57.5mm 10/20m
KEBT10* 75mm 2 1/2” 79.0mm 70.0mm 10/20m

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