ABB TechTalks: Next generation of Fully Electric and Hybrid systems for Dry Cargo Vessels

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Future demands are calling for new power and propulsion solutions. Ship owners and builders are facing constant challenges to meet and exceed the current and future demands from legislations, IMO and classification societies in order to cope with the sustainable protocols.

Join this webinar to learn how dry cargo ship owners and operators can meet current and future legal, IMO and class requirements.

The solution to the future ship, whether it is operating in coastal sea or deep sea, is asking for more than just meeting IMO Global Sulphur Cap (0.5%) or IMO CO₂ reduction by 40% by 2030. Meanwhile, the new EEXI rule is now in play.

For the ship owners, the major concern is to ensure low operational cost, with safe and intelligent pre-specified electrical and propulsion systems for optimized ship design.

Using a shaft generator with a VFD for power production is economical, environmentally friendly and provides a range of advantages being a power source which, under most conditions, generates much cheaper energy than auxiliary diesel generator sets.

ABB Hybrid solutions offers a wide range of electrical solutions. Converters with DC Link offer the optimum solution for energy savings, combining energy sources and consumers on one single line.

Today electric solutions are available from complete Onboard DC Grid™ electric system either stand-alone or in combination with AC systems, giving the user optimal conditions for variable speed.

Energy storage has arrived as part of a modern hybrid system. It could also work in combination with Fuel Cells, which will soon be available for applications covering more than 10MW. This technology is now available for feeder vessels or Ro-Ro vessels travelling frequently from port to port.

Diesel Electric systems is expected to be the best option in the future in combination with propulsion systems like Azipod® propulsion, maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost of ownership compared to traditional propulsion systems.

In this webinar, ABB will give a broader introduction to the options available for the Dry Cargo Ships, ensuring safe investment in new vessels and future proof sustainable shipping.


  • Market drivers, current legislations and class requirements
  • Shaft generator hybrid system for cargo vessels
  • Transhipment Shuttle Vessels (TSV)
  • Carbon free Fuel Cell application
  • Q&A

Michael D Christensen - ABB Marine & PortsMichael D. Christensen
VP Global Segment Manager Dry Cargos
ABB Marine & Ports

Michael joined ABB Marine & Ports in February 2012. Before joining ABB, he worked in leading positions in Denmark and abroad in the maritime industry in companies like Hempel, Lyngsø Marine and DMA. Michael has developed an extensive network and know-how about the industry’s needs over a number of years.

Eason Xiong - ABB Marine & PortsEason Xiong
Vessel Type Manager Passenger Vessels
ABB Marine & Ports

Eason joined ABB in 2005. He had different roles in different departments as an engineer, project manager, engineering manager, and recently is the vessel type manager in sales team.

Matti Nuuttila - ABB Marine & Ports Matti Nuuttila
Sales Manager Dry Cargos
ABB Marine & Ports

Matti is a naval architect. He has worked with ABB Marine & Ports and before that with Turbocharging for over 18 years.

Sami Kanerva - ABB Marine & PortsSami Kanerva
Senior Principal Engineer
ABB Marine & Ports
Sami Kanerva is a Senior Principal Engineer in the technology development at ABB Marine & Ports. He received the degree of Doctor in Science from Helsinki University of Technology in 2005 and since then has intensively worked on technology concepts for renewable energy and marine technology. Sami has held several R&D positions and gained previous experience on electric machines, drives, wind turbines and power systems. He has conducted development of marine fuel cell systems at ABB since 2017.



60 min + 10 min Q&A




Free of charge


  • Dry Cargo shipowners
  • Shipyards in Far East
  • Consultants
  • Design companies
  • Media
  • Marine and environmental authorities


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