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ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision

ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision is a situational awareness solution that makes vessel operations safer and more efficient. The solution offer multiple real-time visualizations of a vessel’s surroundings presenting the ship and its environment in ways beyond the capabilities of the human eye.


How does it work?

A virtual model of the ship is superimposed on real surroundings measured using various sensor technologies, making it possible to monitor the vessel and its surroundings from a birds-eye view and switch to other views instantaneously. The solution makes it easier to predict vessel motions with respect to the actual surroundings and gives the user visibility of previously hidden obstacles or collision risks.


Improved safety and comfort for passengers and crew 
-Improved situation awareness onboard and onshore
-Continuous visibility covering all blind spots around the ship during docking operations as well as at open sea.
-Better situational awareness in challenging weather conditions such as high waves, wind, rain and fog.
-Real-time and intuitive docking assistance, extending the capabilities of the human eye.
-Incident and damage prevention for infrastructure and other ships.
-Improved efficiency

Significant time savings during docking operations.
-Faster time to berth means that the vessel can operate with lower voyage speed. This can result in significant annual fuel savings.
-Intuitive user experience.

The next generation of vessels

The ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision is an important step towards more remote operated and autonomous shipping. To read more about ABB's vision of the next generation of vessels being electric, digital and connected, please go this page. 


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