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ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot

Next generation ship operations

ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot product family provides tools and functionalities to improve visibility and operability for the crew - wherever they may be located.


Our offering


Benefits of choosing ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot


Seamlessly integrated

Enables improved and unified user experience across systems for better navigational and situational awareness. Common data transfer standards allow for ease of integration for both newbuild and retrofit projects.

Invisible Maintainability

Based on data collected, opportunities for improvement are able to be identified. Repeated operations have potential to be automated for real world and training purposes. Updates can be carried out at a time and place that suit the vessel’s operations.

Ship in right place, right time

With a better situational awareness, we offer an easier and more efficient maneuvering. Decisions can be reviewed for play back and future decision support.


The ABB AbilityTM Marine Pilot product family rethinks what could be done in the marine industry given the rapid development in computing technology. 

While the modules can be used for autonomous operations, the forefront of our design is to support qualified crew in operating efficient ships into the future.




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