ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision

ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision provides an augmented view of your vessel’s surroundings by combining information from a range of sensors, resulting in enhanced situational awareness for the operator.


Complete situational awareness

Keeping a 360o overview around your vessel, highlighting relevant information through all phases of the voyage.

Keep reliable continuous and predictive lookout

Humans tend to  struggle with keeping a good wide-angle overview over time, detecting slow gradual change, and keeping an overview when there are many things happening at once. The system does this for you.

Reduce potential for accidents

Early alert of possible collision danger and advise to avoid any obstacles. The system shows actual distance to and motion of all significant objects.

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Further benefits

Objective recording of operations in 360° view
Prove your vessel can operate close to customer assets, and keep on top of your vessel’s actual safety record to enable systematic follow up after near misses or incidents.

Easy to use system
Intuitive one-screen overview from across vessel systems, with touch operation and very small footprint.

Stepping stone to autonomous operations
The solution is easy to upgrade with further add-on autonomy functions over time. Being familiar with the Pilot family systems now, crews will learn faster and be more comfortable when more autonomous functionality is added later on.


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