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Advanced power system

Increased efficiency for dynamically positioned vessels. Advanced power systems is a collection of technologies that enable more cost efficient and flexible operations for vessels with DP2 and DP3 positioning systems.


The collection of technologies under the “Advanced Power Systems” umbrella all play together to allow for operating in compliance with the strictest DP requirements, like DNV DYNPOS AUTRO and DYNPOS ER and ABS DP2(3) EHS.Summed up, the Advanced Power Systems are built on a diesel generator monitoring system (DGMS), a fast restart after blackout (FRAB) package and the use of IEC 61850 standards for communication and design, allowing for smart power distribution systems, independent of the onboard automation system.


Operating with a closed bustie enables the full potential of an electric power and propulsion. This results in a range of concrete benefits.
Full potential

Higher fuel efficiency, lower emissions and larger flexibility enabled by closed bus operations.

Lower costs

Lower installation cost due to a bus-based system, instead of cables.

Robust and flexible

Automated switchboards and intelligent systems create a more robust and flexible infrastructure.

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