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Rapid urbanization and the world’s focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions has sparked a shift in the railways and transportation industry. Rail is being rediscovered as a sustainable and energy-efficient form of transport capable of reducing congestion in cities, and this has triggered investment in infrastructure, rolling stock, control systems and service.

As both passenger and freight traffic continue to increase on existing tracks, combined with new high-speed rail projects, electric supply grids are forced to deal with more loads that have the potential to cause instability in the network. The demand for a safe, stable and reliable supply of power is high.  

ABB’s answer

Efficient ABB components, solutions and systems are an ever-present part of rail infrastructure and rolling stock. With over 100 years’ experience in the rail industry, ABB is now a world leader in innovative and reliable technologies for vehicle manufacturers, railway operators and system integrators.

The company’s medium-voltage products for railways includes the complete range of switchgear solutions, power conversion and energy management solutions as well as and substation components specially designed and adapted to comply with the technical specifications of railways.

ABB offers a comprehensive range of AC traction substations for both 16.7 Hz to 25 Hz and 50 Hz to 60 Hz applications comprising single-or two-phase feeder substations and switching posts, autotransformer stations and substation automation (local control and protection).

Regarding DC applications ABB offers solutions for trams, metros, light rails and main lines encompassing specific DC switchgears, special transformers, rectifiers, inverters, energy storage and DC high speed circuit breakers for Rolling Stock.

ABB’s medium-voltage products are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications and extensively tested to withstand the requirements of railway and transportation solutions, helping ensure maximum reliability. ABB is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of medium-voltage products and solutions, with decades of experience in manufacturing, installing and servicing these robust products.

ABB’s comprehensive portfolio of medium-voltage products and solutions are product-certified according to a wide range of international standards, including IEC, IEEE, ANSI and GOST. We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings such as engineering and consulting, extensions and retrofits, and end-of-life services.

ABB is your long-term, trusted partner with sales and service competence in over 100 countries.

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