Advanced fault management

Advanced fault management for grid automation with ABB's state-of-the-art solutions

Power distribution systems are undergoing a major evolution with distributed generation from renewables gaining ground as part of the energy mix. Energy demand is continually rising and so is the demand for higher reliability and availability of energy supply. This change calls for increasing the level and degree of automation in today's distribution networks.

To meet these requirements, ABB offers a ready-made, easy-to-install, advanced fault location solution with power flow management, equally suitable for new installations as well as for retrofitting secondary distribution air and gas-insulated switchgear. This optimized solution combines ABB’s technologically advanced sensors with the remote I/O unit RIO600 and its unrivaled fault passage indication (FPI), which is based on ABB’s unique earth-fault detection algorithm. Accurate fault passage indication significantly contributes to accelerating the fault location process.

Adding a ready-made indoor or outdoor grid automation control cabinet will create a complete fault management solution. ABB’s control cabinets include a grid automation protection and control relay – either remote monitoring and control REC615 or recloser protection and control RER615 – and a wireless Arctic communication device, in addition to the remote I/O unit RIO600 with fault passage indication. With these building blocks, a great variety of grid automation applications can be supported.

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