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ABB AbilityTM Electrification Monitoring and Control, ABB ZEE600

Unlocking digitalization and integration in electrification process

The ABB AbilityTM Electrification Monitoring and Control for distribution networks, ABB zenon Electrification Edition - ZEE600 fulfills the role of a seamless integrator of diverse devices such as ABB and 3rd party make protection relays, meters, substation equipment condition monitoring units, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), deployed in digital electrification solutions. In doing so, it harnesses their real-time, near-real time and diagnostics data to facilitate digitalization objectives set by the customer across diverse segment domains.

While fully supporting predominant communication standards deployed are IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5 and Modbus-TCP across electrification automation systems across the world, the ABB ZEE600 also supports standards like DNP, Profinet, Profibus and other open / proprietary protocols. Also covered is IEC 62349 Parallel-Redundancy Protocol (PRP) to handle and resolve identical communication messages from two separate LAN networks.

The ABB ZEE600 is an advantageous combination of zenon Electrification Edition with ABB’s latest user experience standards and a seamless integration to ABB’s electrification products offering and associated applications. Needless to mention, the ABB ZEE600 emerges as a centerpiece offering in ABB’s electrification and distribution solutions.

It helps realize system integration in Electrification Control System (ECS) solutions and can be deployed in a mix of brownfield and greenfield installations in primary and secondary distribution substations across utilities, industries, infrastructure and renewable segments.


  • Process Awareness, Control, Monitoring
  • Secure access and operation
  • Device and systems connectivity
  • Network handling
  • ABB Electrification libraries for engineering, operations and applications
  • Enabling next-level digitization solutions


  • Collects, analyzes, visualizes and manages data
  • Provides valuable process insights for better decisions
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Optimizes energy efficiency
  • Fast, dependable, agile automation
  • Maximum data security and powerful reporting
  • Easy and seamless integration
  • Global service and support


  • Turns data into information
    • Communication protocols
    • Key component in Industrial IoT, cloud interface capabilities
  • Securing information integrity
    • Integrated data and cyber security management
  • Creating insight for better business decisions
    • Audit trail, batch and production scheduling
    • Certified load/energy management system module, reporting
  • Low total cost of ownership
    • Extensive life cycle
    • Simple and cost-effective extensions

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