ReliaGrid™ Substation Gateway Solution

Ensuring seamless connectivity between substation devices and external systems and data management

Since data access and management also take center stage in substation operations, it is imperative to have substation OT gateways to collect real-time data from substation feeder devices like Relion /3rd party protection relays, multi-function meters etc. using IEC 61850 communication standard and other de-facto protocols like IEC 60870-5, DNP3, Modbus etc.

The collected data can be used in running some applications in the substation gateway. The application output data or real-time data from substation devices would be needed to be sent to external systems such as a DCS or Network Control Center or customer's enterprise network on a private Cloud over communication protocols such as IEC 60870-5, DNP3, Modbus, OPC UA, MQTT etc.

ABB zenon, AC500 (eCo) or 3rd party products can be deployed as substation gateways, due to a wide coverage of both south-bound and north-bound protocols and PLC capabilities.

This can be a typical an add-on solution to the other Substation Solutions, such as ECS and CRP solutions. 


  • Installation of substation gateway along with other associated equipment like time synchronization server, ethernet switch etc. in a free-standing panel
  • As a communication gateway for protocol conversion


  • Ease of deployment, security, and reliability
  • Fully customized due to versatility and flexibility

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