Where to get your switchgear spare parts from

Spare parts availability is critical to ongoing operations. But the installation of components that do not conform to the original design, in terms of material and/or mechanical features, may seriously compromise the operation and reliability of the product and the safety of the operators. Reduce your risk by using original spare parts

Here is an example of non original spare part applied to a circuit breaker operating mechanism.

The following design mistakes have been detected on non-original spare component:
1. Teeth inclination angle is wider than maximum allowed tolerance.
2. First tooth catches the linked mechanism earlier than needed.
3. The surface is not properly treated to avoid the rusting process.

ABB guarantees the quality and reliability of the components . The spare parts are certified according to ABB standards and classified according to the level of technical knowledge required for their replacement.

We maintain a comprehensive stock of certified ABB parts, guaranteeing their availability throughout the entire product life cycle (even for obsolete products). For urgent parts requests, our logistics personnel and partners are available 24-hours a day to provide immediate emergency response.

Spares are stocked throughout our global network of service units, including everything from individual components to complete assemblies.

The original manufacturer is the leading source for a full array of factory authentic replacement parts and components. Utilizing third party sources can increase costs and lengthen delivery for important parts.

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