IEC 61850 enabled UniGear

True IEC 61850 support with Relion® IEDs

IEC 61850 enabled UniGear concept is applicable for whole UniGear products portfolio and it brings the benefits of IEC 61850 standard to the substation.

IEC 61850 is the future proof standard for communication networks and systems for power utility automation. It was released in spring 2004 as a global international standard applicable to both the IEC and the ANSI world.

IEC 61850 standard offers among others very fast communication protocol that is the key to simplify secondary wiring while improving reliability, providing flexibility and scalability without the need for additional wiring, enabling high performance application possibilities. 
Key benefits

  • Save time: Engineering, configuration work, commissioning and startup
  • Improved diagnostic: Constant supervision of communication link between Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs)
  • Asset management: More information about devices in primary and secondary technology
  • Remote Engineering and troubleshooting: Remote connection to IEDs via Ethernet interface; remote IED configuration or setting changes - via secured remote connection to substation; remote monitoring and testing of signals which is not possible with wire; substation based disturbance records handling

Key features

  • Scalability: Easy modification of functionalities and easy extension of substation
  • Connectivity: Quick and easy connection to the SCADA
  • Performance: High bandwidth, more information about devices

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