Grinding mill drive system with embedded advanced process control

Packaged solution including variable-speed drive system with embedded advanced process control and mill application control features ideal for retrofits.

Combine ABB's variable-speed drive system with advanced process control - ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer for grinding - to provide maximum mill control. It can be applied to new or existing AG, SAG and ball mills, powered by either ring-geared mill drives (RMD) or gearless mill drives (GMD).

This solution was designed to control, stabilize and optimize mill operation. The technology supporting this solution enables accurate, consistent and tireless application of your optimal control strategy at all times. Similar to an auto-pilot, Expert Optimizer automatically regulates mill speed and feed based on the multiple available variables that may influence throughput and ore quality. As a result, your mill runs at optimal speed with optimal cascading, leading to increased throughput and reduced energy consumption.

> More information about ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer, Ring-geared Mill Drives and Gearless Mill Drives

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