ABB Ability™ Stockyard Management System

Enable fully automated operation and manless machine control of bulk material handling terminals, stockyards of coal-fired power plants, steel plants or mines with ABB’s Stockyard Management System that closes the gap between ERP systems and the operational level.

Stockyards are connecting consecutive steps in materials transportation chains with different time frames. In order to manage one or multiple inputs of different material qualities, storage, mixing and blending as well as output of single or multiple qualities ABB provides an astoundingly system solution. ABB Ability™ Stockyard Management System provides real time information of handled material, enables real live adjustment of the data and provides best possible support for operators to improve overall performance.

It is a configurable system that can be used to digitalize the complete material handling chain, acting as its 'digital twin'. The material flow can be modelled across all belt conveyors and transportation equipment with material properties and quality information via automated data interfaces. All data can be used for operational optimization such as efficient space utilization in a yard, better planning and scheduling, or more accurate mixing and blending processes.

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