Powering the journey towards autonomous

“Subsea to market” is a future vision whereby the entire processing plant – production, separation and storage – is relocated to the sea bed.

Fully powered and automated subsea oil and gas production facilities, moves platform workers to shore-based control rooms, taking away physical risk, reducing operational and energy costs, cutting marine pollution and simplifying decommissioning. 

ABB has more than 50 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and has become an innovative leader in subsea power and automation.

  • Pre-studies to front-end engineering and design - While each customer challenge is bespoke, the ABB team is able to draw on its wealth of knowhow to provide a preliminary assessment of the task. ABB offers a pre-study model that ensures its customers’ production activities are feasible and profitable in locations that are increasingly further from shore and in ever deeper and colder water.

  • Long step-out system includes drives for seabed compressors and pumps that can sit up to 150 km away from topside infrastructure. The system is based on ABB’s standard frequency converters and specially designed transformers, adapted to meet the stringent requirements of topside or subsea installation. The systems are customized to provide a low-cost solution to brownfield extensions and a cost-effective solution to greenfield developments.

  • Subsea power distribution substation: ABB is designing systems that can transmit electrical power to every location requiring energy via a single subsea power cable, as opposed to the present-day use of individual cables to carry power separately to subsea consumers. ABB’s new subsea AC power distribution system will enable up to 100 MW from shore to be transmitted up to 600 km, to power equipment at depths of up to 3,000 m. By 2019, the target is to have developed subsea power distribution such that all power system components including the transformer, switchgear and medium voltage drive, are located subsea. The power is then distributed to multiple applications such as pumps, compressors and boosters.

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