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Electrical System Services

Ensuring the efficiency and reliability of electrical assets

As equipment lifecycles progress, the impact on production and availability can be significant. ABB Electrical services provide visibility into the status and condition of electrical assets so risks can be identified and mitigated to improve overall asset and production performance.

We offer three levels of electrical services:

  • Electrical Lifecycle Assessment: Increase lifecycle visibility to reduce risk of unplanned downtime
  • Electrical Health Check: Identify and respond to critical issues to maintain high utilization
  • Electrical System Study: Confirm optimal asset performance to ensure predictable opex

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A simple process to optimize assets

The ABB Electrical System Services offer a simple process to obtain actionable information to help make decisions regarding electrical equipment maintenance to ensure asset and production availability. The information gained by these steps are the foundation for maintenance planning and upgrade timing to improve understanding of the entire electrical infrastructure so that plans align with company needs, priorities and values.

1) Know where you are

In the first step we assess equipment status and identify associated production risks due to limited or obsolete assets or processes. We do this by asking the questions that will reveal where you are:

Installed Base

1. What equipment do you have installed?

  1. Model numbers
  2. Hardware revisions
  3. Software/Firmware versions

2. Any current obsolescence issues?

3. Any aging issues?

  1. Historic failure rates
  2. Missed preventative maintenance cycles

4. Are there any capacity issues?


  1. How many spares do you have?
  2. Do you have the right spares?
  3. Where are the spares located?
  4. What condition are the spares in?


  1. How many skilled people do you have?
  2. Do you have an appropriate support contract for your needs?
  1. Does it cover all of your equipment?
  2. Do you have access to the right expertise?
  3. Is the response time appropriate?

2) Know where you are going

After the status of all the assets and processes have been identified, the next step is to determine how the current conditions affect plant productivity and how to achieve optimal performance.

Installed Base

1. What is the plants CoP date?

  1. How long do you need the equipment to function for?

2. When are the product lifecycle changes?

  1. Will equipment need to be upgraded or evolved?
  2. Is extended support available?

3. What planned outages are there?

  1. Suitability for preventative maintenance replacements, upgrades or evolutions

4. What future additions or expansions are planned that will require additional system capacity?


  1. What spares will you need in the future?
  1. What additional spares holding will be needed for products when they reach the end of volume manufacture?


1. How to maintain competence?

  1. How to manage attrition?
  2. How to develop new staff?
  3. Secure access to training
  4. How to maintain hands on experience?

2. How to maintain competence?

  1. Identify required support levels
  2. Ensure required support levels are secured through extended support periods

3) Plan how to get there

The final step in the process is to create a tactical plan that will address maintenance, upgrade and training needs to achieve immediate and long term strategic goals.

Installed Base

1. Identify equipment without an obsolescence issue within the plant lifetime

2. Plan which equipment will require proactive replacement or upgrade

3. Plan which equipment will be run to fail before upgrading

  1. Plan how to upgrade it after failure

4. Plan which equipment will be run into obsolescence and how it will be managed

5. Plan when to add additional system capacity to avoid cost and complexity in future projects


  1. Plan when to purchase additional spares
  2. Plan spares management programs


1. Plan training and competency programmes

2. Plan extended support services

  1. Define duration
  2. Define services required
  3. Define response times

4) Let‘s get started

The ABB Electrical Services are the first step in electrical asset optimization and can be delivered separately or combined. Choose options that meet your needs:


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