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Electrical System Study

Ensuring optimal asset performance to improve availability

The Electrical Lifecycle Assessment and the Electrical Health check allows customers to gain insights on the component status and visual condition of electrical assets. The Electrical System Study takes it further and simulates critical systems at a facility to confirm optimal asset and process performance and availability.

The study simulates how an electrical system operates over a complete range of operating scenarios and provides recommendations for facility operations and modifications.

The ABB Electrical System Study can identify low-current capacity, flicker, spurious trips, unexpected equipment heating, equipment rating issues, loading and protection coordination issues.

Types of studies include:

  • Modeling of Network
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Protection Coordination Study
  • Load Flow Study
  • Harmonics Study
  • Motor Starting Study
  • Effect of Harmonics
  • Arc Flash Study

Optimize electrical assets and help maintain:

  • Compliance with guidelines and standards
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to the extended lifetime of the network components
  • Increased availability and reliability due to reduced downtimes in the network
  • Reduced energy costs

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