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ABB AbilityTM

Mobile gas leak detection system

ABB Inc. - Silicon Valley

3055 Orchard Drive San Jose, CA 95134

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ABB Ability mobile gas leak detection

Find leaks fast

  • Leak surveys can be performed while driving at speeds up to 55 mph
  • Both mains and services can be surveyed with the same drive by
  • Only system that measures methane and ethane so it knows if it is pipeline gas or naturally occurring methane
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Find more leaks

  • ABB’s patented OA-ICOSTM technology is the most sensitive and reliable gas sensing technology available
  • Analyzer reports both methane and ethane to eliminate false positives and increase attribution rate
  • Single parts per billion (ppb) sensitivity allows the system to detect leaks up to 600 feet away
  • The system powers up and begins recording data within two minutes (competitive laser methods either require 30 – 45 minutes to warm up or are 1000X less sensitive)
  • More up time – in contrast to other cavity based systems, ABB’s analyzer is extremely robust and can be fully serviced anytime, anywhere, by anyone in minutes
  • Fastest operating speed of 5Hz increases accuracy of estimation of plume size, distance to leak and leak size

Data delivered immediately

  • Customer owns, and has access to, all data
  • Data is stored on the analyzer and in the cloud, and is immediately available to the customer
  • Electronic data facilitates compliance reporting and creation of digitized workflow
  • System communicates using 4G wireless technology
  • Data is exportable to GIS systems

Simple to use

  • User interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • Graphical display shows survey route, survey area, leak indications and whether it is pipeline gas or naturally occurring
  • The system powers up and begins recording data within two minutes (competitive laser methods either require 30-45 minutes to warm up or are 1000x less sensitive)

MobileGuard applications

  • Survey mains and services
  • Odor investigation
  • Construction verification
  • Post disaster evaluation 
  • Frost line evaluation

The LGR-ICOSTM advantage

The inherent advantages of OA-ICOSTM technology make LGR trace gas and stable isotope analyzers the best choice, whatever the application.
  • Parts-Per-Billion (ppb) Precision: OA-ICOS avoids the expense and vulnerability of a sub-nanometer opto-mechanical setup. This enables it to easily deliver parts-per-billion precision (or better) quickly and in an easy-to-use package.
  • Wider Dynamic Range: OA-ICOS directly measures absorption rather than only a cavity decay time. Therefore it offers a linear response over a significantly wider dynamic range than conventional CRDS (i.e. up to 100% mole fraction for some gases).
  • Best Performance: OA-ICOS analyzer performance is not dependent on hyper-critical optical alignment, whereas older cavity-based techniques (e.g., CRDS) require sub-nanometer optical component alignment. This makes these older techniques very vulnerable to degraded performance due to vibrations, small physical shocks, and changes in temperature and pressure.
  • Field Serviced: OA-ICOS performance is orders of magnitude less sensitive to internal alignment, so our rugged instruments are robust and reliable. And designed with simplicity in mind, in the rare instance that repair is necessary; LGR instruments may be easily serviced on site by anyone.
  • Lower Manufacturing Cost: OA-ICOS analyzer performance is not dependent on hyper-critical optical alignment, whereas older, conventional CRDS techniques require sub-nanometer optical component alignment. This necessitates the use of expensive electro-mechanical components and complex feedback loops as well as very time-consuming cleanroom assembly and elaborate testing.
  • Better Value: OA-ICOS analyzer performance is completely unaffected by any minor shifts in optical alignment. This enables the use of simpler, lower-cost components and fewer feedback control systems, as well as simplifying our assembly process.
  • Minimal Downtime: OA-ICOS technology does not require ultra-precise optical alignment. This means that a minimally trained user can easily remove a cavity mirror, if necessary, and then clean and replace it in only minutes, with no impact on performance or expensive returns to the factory.

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