Electromagnetic flowmeter HygienicMaster FEH300

The HygienicMaster FEH300 standard version is designed specifically for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical  and biotechnical industries. Manufactured from FDA approved materials and certified in accordance with 3-A.
Available as integral mount design or remote mount design system.

Looking for a electromagnetic flowmeter with enhanced functionality and extended diagnostic functions? Find out more about HygienicMaster FEH500.

Fieldbus & HART


The stainless steel exterior, the variable process connection, the advanced signal processing and the state-of-the-art data storage provide a complete and cost effective flow solution.
HygienicMaster FEH300 is a versatile, reasonably priced, most accurate flow meter tailored for all process industry applications. A flowmeter with base functionality, short delivery and a simple and clearly understandable documentation.   

  • Intuitive and simple configuration
    – Through glass configuration eliminating the need to remove the cover and reducing commissioning time
    – Soft key based functionality
    – "Easy Set-up" function  
  • State-of-the-art memory technology
    – Data storage enables transmitter exchange without the need for reconfiguration
  • Diagnostics for real-life-situations 
    – Status messages in accordance with NAMUR
    – Help texts in LCD display
  • ScanMaster in situ verification software option
    – Allows the customer to perform in situ verification of the flowmeter and the plant 


General specifications:  

  • Measuring value error
    – Standard 0.4 % of rate, optional 0.2 % of rate
  • Nominal diameter
    – DN 3 to 100 (1/10 to 4 in.)
  • Process connection
    – Wafer type design
    – Flange in accordance with DIN 2501 / EN 1092-1, ASME B16.5 / B16.47, JIS
    – Threaded pipe connection in accordance with DIN 11851
    – Weld stubs
    – Tri-Clamp in accordance with DIN 32676, ASME BPE
    – External thread in accordance with ISO 228 / DIN 2999 
  • Lining
    – PFA (vacuum tight)
  • Process connection material
    – Flange: stainless steel
    – Variable process connections: 1.4404 
  • Communication
  • Explosion protection approvals
  • Certificates
    – 3-A, FDA-approved material

Special features:  

  • Process diagnosis
    – Empty pipe detection


For selecting the most suitable product for your application  

Fieldbus & HART

ABB’s freedom of choice offers the right driver for the major fieldbus protocols suitable for ABB devices.
The version matrix document shows for each protocol the software revision that’s compatible to the hardware and firmware revision of the device.

Software and documentation:

*) DSV401 Rx (SMART VISION) is not released with the latest DTM500 Bundle. Please use any latest frame application (e.g. Stand-Alone-Tool ABB DAT200 Asset Vision Basic).

Stand-alone tool:
ABB offers software tools that use the listed drivers above for your device configuration and monitoring requirements. Read more & download

Fieldbus solutions:
ABB offers a wide range of fieldbus products, accessories, tools, support documentation, applications and news. Read more


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