Measurement solutions for the semiconductors industry

Semiconductor chip manufacturers require precise control of wet processes to enhance production yield, decrease risks of wafer damage, and maximize profits.  ABB is the leading supplier of fiber optic-based FT-IR spectrometers that optimize bath life for Semiconductor wet process without risk of con-tamination.  

In addition, ABB provides laser-based absorption analyzers to monitor trace levels of airborne molecu-lar contaminates (AMC) in Semiconductor cleanrooms to assure worker safety and prevent costly wafer excursions from AMC exposure.


Production process

The red icons indicate the stages in the process where Measurement and Analytics solutions are applicable.


Customer value

ABB offers a complete solution for Semiconductor wet process control from simple bath chemistries (RCA clean) to complex bath chemistries (metal etch and polymer removal) at a cost suitable for today’s tightening budges.  The unique sampling accessory (patented ClippIR+) enables non-intrusive measurement, eliminates the need for tubing modifications, and ensures contamination control.

To ensure worker safety and prevent wafter damage from gas leak, ABB also provides high speed laser-based absorption analyzers to precisely monitor trace amounts (low ppb level) of airborne molecular contaminates (AMC) in Semiconductor cleanrooms.


Products portfolio

For Semiconductor wet process monitoring

For Semiconductor clean room AMC monitoring


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